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Angel Guidance

What is Angel Guidance?                                    
During an Angel Guidance session, Kim uses her intuitive gifts to connect with angels, ascended masters and your loved ones in heaven. She creates a safe, God-centered and loving space for each session and sets the intention to receive messages from the angels for your highest and greatest good. The angels give you loving, affirmative and empowering messages full of life wisdom. During a session, the angels will often ask your permission to energetically heal you by cleansing and rebalancing your chakras and removing any energetic cords that no longer serve your highest good. Clients report feeling a stronger connection to their higher self, divine inner wisdom and God during their Angel Guidance session. You will experience a deep sense of peacefulness surrounding any life situation after working with your angels.

How may I be of Service to you?

  • Are you in a transitional time of your life and in need of some wise, loving guidance?
  • Do you want guidance on life issues such as career, family, relationships, finances, and health and wellbeing?
  • Do you feel like there is more to life than the daily 9-5 but are unsure how to grasp it?
  • Have you had a feeling that someone or something has been trying to get your attention through little signs and coincidental events?
  • Are you open to experiencing your Divine inner wisdom through an angelic connection?
  • Would you like more peacefulness and unconditional love in your life?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, than let me help you by connecting to the angels for guidance. I want to help you develop an ongoing connection with your angels, loved ones in heaven and ascended masters. Your angels are standing by to assist you. Are you ready to receive their loving guidance?

Schedule Your Angel Guidance Session Today!

Email: to schedule a telephone or in-person Angel Guidance Session.

For continued spiritual growth and wellbeing, you may invest in a series of Angel Guidance sessions and receive a discount off the hourly rate. Contact Kim by email to learn if this option best meets your needs.   



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