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"Liron could not be more highly recommended!!! I am soooo happy and extremely grateful for his loving clarity and inspiring wisdom, he is definitely divinely guided!!! It was such a comfort for the angels and God to come through him in such a uniquely extraordinary experience- it was all so perfectly beautiful!!!"
pictures in your eyes
"My intuitive angel reading with Liron was transformative. He immediately picked up on my energy, and helped me to center myself with meditation and breathing. It was so comforting to start my reading already cared for. After we meditated about my situation he drew several cards to guide the reading. All I have to say: spot on. Liron's interpretation was very accurate to my life and really affirmed many of the thoughts and feelings I've had but haven't had the words to express. I've already been seeing my reading playing out in my life, and I'm so grateful I had this reading to see my life more clearly. Thank you so much Liron!"
"I was super skeptical at first but following three readings with Liron I can honestly say he has changed my life and inner development. Each reading has brought so much value to my life and perspective and for this I’m forever grateful."
"Excellent service- Liron is a highly gifted medium and his reading was incredibly powerful! Not only was I able to gain a world of insight, I have felt a tremendous positive energy shift in the days following our meeting! Five stars, highly recommended!!"
Jessica B.