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What to Expect

My readings are very intimate, guided by connections to your guardian angels, guides and intuition. Everything we uncover together are truths you already hold. Our intuition and guides are powerful entities, if you know how to tune into it!

I use two primary tools to help people connect to their higher truths: the Akashic Records and intuitive readings, using inspiring angel tarot and oracle cards.

Every reading is as unique as the person receiving it. Intuitive reading focuses on the truths and vibrations you bring to the table. I’m a conduit for this energy and am able to see, hear, taste and feel messages that your angels want to relay to you at this point in time.

Because this work is so profound, we will center ourselves and prepare for your reading together with meditation, breathwork, and a special prayer that will release of old energies and thoughts that no longer serve you andplace us both in a higher vibrational realm to connect with your guides.

Connecting with your angels: Seven cards for our seven experiences

As we begin our intuitive angel reading, I will shuffle angel tarot and oracle cards as we meditate on the answers you seek. The Divine, Angels, loved ones, and light spirits will be welcomed to share their honest and kind messages with you.

I’ll select seven cards from the deck, and any divine cards that pop out, to interpret your current opportunities, blocks, and outcomes in front of you.

The seven cards represent our seven universal experiences: health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, harmony and happiness.

Opening the Akashic Records

Not only do you exist here, in the physical world, but your energy exists in its highest form in the Astral Realm.

Together, we will connect to the astral realm through The Akashic Records. We’ll begin with a prayer to the Lords of the Records, the sacred keepers of the text. We will journey together into the depths of the Records, investigating the deeper truths your spirit has learned through its timeless spiritual and emotional evolution.

Combining the wisdom of the Akashic Records with the intuitive energy of angels creates a multidimensional lens through which we can explore your spiritual journey.

On religion

Throughout my intuitive readings I ask the Divine, angel guides and other light spirits to provide the guidance and loving truth your soul uses to continue its spiritual development. You’ll hear me use words like “angels,” “spirits,” and “God.”

These terms are used to describe concepts that you can find across many major religions—emotional development, altruism, and a sense of something greater than ourselves and attaining spiritual bliss.

I don’t assign religion or creed to these words, but if you prefer alternative terms during your reading, please let me know.

On free will

Diving into our deeper selves can sometimes unlock truths that are challenging to face, or options that are difficult to decide on.

It’s important to remember that although our angels often reveal unexpected truths, they bring us these messages out of kindness and the furtherment of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development. The angels possess infinite knowledge and they do not judge or condemn.

Your spiritual journey is yours to explore and choose. Opportunities surround us and Free will is what defines us.