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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation. Is it real?

Can dream interpretation be a valid method for self-growth? Below a Dream Therapist friend shares an interesting perspective. Can dream interpretation be a valid method for self-growth? My answer is Yes. But to answer the question of ‘how can it be so?’…well… to be frank, I have no straight answers. All I can say is […]


Making Dreams Possible

There is no such thing as impossible, ITS JUST A WORD. After all it actually says I’M POSSIBLE Most people have dreamed of being someone special or big at some point in their lives. Have you ever dreamed of being the one to hit the game-winning home run? Most little girls and boys have big […]


Law of Attraction – These 7 Things Are Holding You Back

You may have heard this common saying “I take one step forward but seem to fall back several steps soon after.” In the pursuit of attracting the things you want you must learn what holds you back in the first place. Then let’s take look at the most common things we put in our own way.

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The truth is law of attraction is your willing servant if only you would treat it as such. Unfortunately, we have several things which get in the way of really allowing it to flow into our life and support what we truly want as opposed to what we don’t want.